Reflection :: Lining the world up with truth

Tony Ngala, Tatua Community Organising Fellow in Mandika, reflects on his work of restoring truth in our world. Tony is leading a campaign in Mandika to get parents to take responsibility for their kids going to school.  

“Our work is lining the world up with truth.”

These words gave me strength during my coaching session with Ken and Natalie last week. The community has its foundations of lies, former encounters with “people” coming to fix the community that have lied to the community. The community has been disappointed by people who have promised to come back after taking a few videos, photographs, collecting a few documents about the groups in the community and then, leaving.

During my work of asking parents to come together and talk about the challenges facing our children it has been extremely hard to introduce myself as a member of the Tatua Kenya staff because of their perceptions of NGO’s. The push hard and then the truth looks bitter but I know my work is to offer a view of a new kind of NGO and to “line the world up with truth,” that is my work.

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