Finding ‘Hope’ in the Rongai Community

Beacon of Hope Center in Ongata Rongai
Beacon of Hope Center in Ongata Rongai

Beacon of Hope. That name inspires positive thoughts. Tony thought the same thing when he made a visit there to talk to people about their campaign in Rongai.  It was one of his first days out doing field work so I can imagine it could have been an extremely draining day, but something happened that left him feeling energized.

He met Felix.  Felix is an actor who volunteers with Beacon of Hope and he is from the Laiser Hill area of Rongai.  When Tony explained the campaign to Felix, it did not take long for Felix to realize he wanted to be a part of changing this community and he looked Tony in the eye and simply said, “I’m in!”

There is something reaffirming about having someone want to join you in what you are doing and what you believe in. Follow our blog to keep up with the work of Tatua and what the Be The Change community organizers are doing.