Reflection :: Candles of Hope

Tony Ngala, Tatua Community Organising Fellow in Madika, reflects on the relationship between taking agency and interdependence. Tony is leading a campaign in Madika to get parents to take responsibility for their kids going to school.

I spend my time listening to parents, teachers and individuals talking about challenges facing the children. While we don’t shout or yell at each other we take the time to dig down to but bottom of this challenge of poor education that is threatening the next generation, our children. ┬áDuring this conversation key stakeholders get mentioned and blamed for their role in the process. These accusations extinguish the little light of hope that we each have that something could change. It is my work to light more candles by offering visions of how we could change this together and giving people a role to play in the process. In fact, I don’t lose anything by lighting these candles, I gain something, I am an organizer.