Reflect :: Broken Relationships Affect Children

Tony Ngala, Tatua Community Organizer in Rongai, shares about his experience in Mindika.

James and I have been spending time developing a deeper understanding of the community dynamics in Mindika, the community in which we are working. In doing this I’ve begun to understand the relationship between parents and teachers, it is not very good, neither side thinks the other really cares. The person who really suffers here is the child, in this setting even they have stopped caring about their own education.

We’ve begun healing this dynamic by getting a few parents to start thinking about working with the teachers because of their shared value of seeing the kids succeed. Getting this commitment takes time. I had nine 1:1’s this week with parents and identified a few of them who would be leaders with me in this work of coming together.


Tony Ngala, as usual, smiling and keeping Tatua going!