Matasia Primary School Sees Rise in Test Scores!

Great News! Rose  Chege, Organizing Fellow with Tatua Kenya just got a very exciting phone call From Josephat the head teacher at Matasia Primary School. The school just received their KCPE marks and the average score raised from last year. He was sure that the increase was a result of Tatua’s Campaign to improve relationships between teachers and parents. We are so excited.

in Kenya, the KCPE result is a score that evaluates your overall primary school learning and directly affects where you attend Secondary School. This increase in access to secondary education for the students will impact the well being of the entire town.

We are celebrating the immediate benefits of our work and looking forward to seeing how these students are going to raise the standards for those to come in the future. Just another example how community based change extends far past an individual.

Reflect :: Surviving Tragedy with Community

Rose Chege, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngong, shares about life after the Westgate tragedy.

It has been hard, just trying to grasp all that has been happening. The Westgate incident showed me that sometimes, it’s so hard to not know what really is happening, having 100 different stories from 100 different sources. I have decided to take each day at a time, because you really can never know exactly what will happen.

This has been much easier because of my partner Jacob. Jacob will call me occasionally to share his ideas and we can then float ideas and thoughts about things back and forth. This partnership was especially uplifting to me in this hard time.

Reflect :: Leaders Focus on Long-Term Goals

Rose Chege, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngong, reflects on a leadership team meeting.

In Ngong we have been facing a challenge in that the Leadership Team wants to act quickly to get resources donated from the government or other people to solve the problem of getting kids back into school. Jacob and I are trying to remind them about the larger goal. I felt successful at the latest team meeting when we talked about why we were doing this work.

The whole team has a clear picture of why we are running this campaign, not to improve education for 1,200 Kids but to do this keeping in mind that our long-term goal is to heal and bring the community together so that they can solve any problems with available resources that are around and within them.