Progress in Rongai

Last week we held a meeting in Rongai. It went well, but we need to give our leadership team something to be doing to keep them engaged in the campaign.

Tony and I talked and saw it was a good idea to let them know we are having an event at the end of July so they should start having 1:1s with the community members. During these we want them to be asking them to come to the event.

Apart from that, we are going to lead them in organizing the event and see how it goes. One thing that really excited them was talk of team building and assigning specific roles and duties. That also excited Tony and me because it means they want to commit even more.

-James Njoroge, Community Organizer in Rongai

The Small Things

There are moments in our work where we sometimes feel like we are not accomplishing anything. It can be hard to quantify the work and see a tangible impact. That does not mean one does not exist!

Last week James held a meeting for the vetting committee in Rongai and the committee had invited a few new members to see what was happening. When those new members started asking questions, something incredible happened- James did not have to answer!

It may seem like something small, but when the members of the vetting committee were able to effectively answer the questions James became aware that something was happening and his work was moving forward.

Look for small details in work that show you are doing something because they are there.


Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement. After a long day of pouring yourself into your work, those last couple of hours can be really difficult.

When Tony felt that way last week, he knew he needed to send out a text reminder to people about his forum, but his engery level was so low. After his first round of texts he received 3 responses that inspired him to keep going and end the day with a renewed energy.

A man named Isaac called Tony immediately to say, “Thank you so much for minding about our community. Thank you so much.” One mama texted back saying she would be there. FInally, Chief Abdirzak called to say thank you as well. Those three people, without realizing it, are contributing in a big way to the community work.

What keeps you going when you are feeling burnt out?

Creating A United Front

Education is a challenge at any level in the Rongai community. Tony and James have uncovered one of the areas the proves to be one of the biggest issues.

They have heard from the community that once kids complete standard 8 in a government school, going onto secondary level is difficult becuase of fees. Many parents that can scrounge together enough money to pay for the not-so-free primary education just cannot find enough to pay secondary school fees.

Some challenges around this issue are dependancy and double sponsorship of children by other organizations working in the community. Both challenges are proof that these current organizations are just not working together and, in fact, may be hurting more than helping in some cases.

Tony and James are working toward bringing Rongai together so they are fighting one battle as one united front.

How can we, as another NGO, work alongside others? How can we find a common goal and bring in all of ourstrengths to acheive that goal?

Click to see more pictures from the forum Tony and James held in Rongai!
Click to see more pictures from the forum Tony and James held in Rongai!