Community Forums Work to Bring Communities Together

It is important to realize that we no one person has the solution to child poverty.  Not only is it important to realize that, but to be able to say that and be honest with people as we work.

Tony was meeting with Zack, a media person at Nairobi Chapel, and while they were talking Zack told Tony about a marathon he is organizing to raise money for children living in poverty in Rongai.  Zack mentioned that he was writing a proposal to find donors and then proceeded to tell Tony he should do that same.

Tony took that moment to inform Zack that he (Tony) did not have the solution to child poverty, nor did he even really have a suggestion, but what he is doing is working on getting the community together and host a forum for stakeholders in the community to come together and discuss the issue.  As Tony explained this strategy to Zack, something shifted and Zack was able to see a different approach.  Zack offered to talk to his pastor in charge of children’s ministry and invite him to the forum where they could discuss the issue together.

Tony and James are hosting their forum in Rongai tomorrow, April 13th from 2-4PM at Miracle Ministries. Check in our blog next week to see how it went!