Update: Leadership Teams Come Together for Celebration and Reflection

Our 2013 Leadership Teams came together to celebrate their work in their communities and to reflect on the next steps for their strategies in the campaigns.

Kenneth Chomba, Tatua Kenya Co-Founder and Field Manager, nominated Natalie for NOI’s Most Valuable Organiser. Read what Ken has to say about Natalie below and then vote for for her work with Tatua by clicking on the link and “liking” the page.

VOTE HERE: http://rootscamp.neworganizing.com/awards/2013/mvo/entry/natalie-finstad/


Quote Us :: It’s a Long Road

“Good development is a long road. It never gets easier just because you’ve taken a step ahead, the responsibilities and the ‘to-do’ list get longer because with every vicoty the big picture becomes even bigger.” Liz Njeri, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngando

Liz Njeri introduces the Ngando Leadership Team at a town meeting in Ngando.


Learn :: Set Clear Goals

David Oyaga, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngando, reflect on what he’s learned about setting goals.

One of the biggest struggles I see in small community based organizations is an inability to set clear goals in their work. This means that they don’t know when they are successful. As a community organizer I am working to help our Leadership Team in Ngango focus on our clear goal of setting up a cell groups to identify ways the local community can work together so that kids to get back into school this year.

Update :: The Tatua Way

Report from the field by Liz Njeri – Tatua Organizer working in Ngando.

At the Ngando Launch, held on the 7th of September, the leadership team was responsible for the majority of the work. The team members organised the event, did most of the speaking for the team and managed the logistics. Natalie brought two people interested in learning about Tatua Kenya to the event and it was great to show them how the leadership team had taken responsibility to run the campaign – it wasn’t just Tatua Organizers!

The best thing was they were so committed to not offering the community stipends or pay for coming to the event. At the beginning of the campaign even the leadership team would ask for stipends from the organization but not anymore. They kept saying, “We’re doing this the Tatua Way.”  

Right now we have 239 people who have joined our movement – it’s so good to see organising in action.


Liz Introduces Leadership Team
Liz Introduces Leadership Team at  Ngando Launch