Quote Us :: Importance of Public Narrative

“Public Narrative, the act of sharing your story to call people to action, is a very important tool in organizing that reminds people of what they care about and keeps them thinking about what role they place in the society.” Liz Njeri, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngando

Learn :: Story of Us

Liz Njeri shared a powerful example of the Story of Us when Tatua trained the graduates from the incredible Children of God Relief Institute at Nyumbani Children’s Home. This example of “Story of Us” focuses on how important it is to tell the story of  the shared experiences of the group.

Update :: The Tatua Way

Report from the field by Liz Njeri – Tatua Organizer working in Ngando.

At the Ngando Launch, held on the 7th of September, the leadership team was responsible for the majority of the work. The team members organised the event, did most of the speaking for the team and managed the logistics. Natalie brought two people interested in learning about Tatua Kenya to the event and it was great to show them how the leadership team had taken responsibility to run the campaign – it wasn’t just Tatua Organizers!

The best thing was they were so committed to not offering the community stipends or pay for coming to the event. At the beginning of the campaign even the leadership team would ask for stipends from the organization but not anymore. They kept saying, “We’re doing this the Tatua Way.”  

Right now we have 239 people who have joined our movement – it’s so good to see organising in action.


Liz Introduces Leadership Team
Liz Introduces Leadership Team at  Ngando Launch