The true worth that lies within our communities

The human mind is our fundamental resource.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy. One’s thoughts and ideas are of so much value despite how often we disregard them. David shares  with us his thoughts on community and resource.

I think of community as  a sort of  family group at higher level where every person is accepted regardless of their social status. With this in mind,  each and every member in a family has a role to play as well as a resource to donate. 

David at the 2013 Leadership teams Launch and Community Organizing Training

Most developmental organizations  have breached and violated the value of resourcefulness and the human capacity. These values are threatened to the extent where people can barely  see the resources communities have. We often choose to turn a blind eye to what people have to offer and impose our solutions in form  of a “helping hand”. The  illiterate in the society deemed to be unable to speak for themselves and their input not considered as valid data.

I would like to part of a community where every person is treated with dignity and their thoughts considered to be eligible to be at the top of the list “Resources donated “.
 As a community organizer with Tatua Kenya, I have learned  that in our communities its not all about poverty____its about YOU, the mindset and the resource we have as a community.
David Oyaga- Tatua Kenya Community organizer.
What values do you feel are threatened in your community? What is true worth to you?