Different people have a different understanding of what poverty is: lack of basic needs and necessities to survive, poverty of the mind- on grounds of how they think about themselves and lack of knowledge and understanding of what’s around them, living in the slum etc. All seem similar but quite different. On the other hand, the same applies to the solutions. How do we end poverty, make it history? Different approaches, strategies and ideas exist. The good news is, a significant number of people are really trying to create change and solutions to poverty. The bad news is, though some have succeeded, most have failed. Lasting change is a process and the answers are deeply rooted in those most affected. That is why building relationship[s and involving the communities we work in is important. Community Organizing! To end poverty, we must re-think it, ask difficult questions on why it exists and  be willing to work on the root causes . Natalie Finstad, co-founded of Tatua Kenya talks about community as the path to the future and as a way to developing sustainable and just solutions to poverty  on Natalie’s TEDex

How can we begin to examine the identities that we are assigning to people based on where they come from, their neighbourhoods etc?

How do we begin to engage in meaningful relationships with others?

Liz Njeri- Tatua Kenya community manager


“Walking with Tatua Kenya has been a trans-formative journey for me in my heart’s desires and also my mind. This is one of the best choices I ever made. Being a part of a team that is not only concerned about the success of its work or mine but my holistic well being.  Working with my colleagues who are now like family through the relationships we have built  in our reflections, has improved both social and other aspects of my life.

Tatua has been a companion through the learning and application of community organizing skills which has made me view mission and development work differently. To not only solve the challenge but to heal and bring the community together so that they can solve any challenges with the available local resources.

To simply choose to burn your candle in a land filled with darkness rather than a land filled with light.”

Rose – 2013  Tatua Kenya Fellow and Community Organizer.

Fellowship Bronchure


“This morning, I suddenly began to think about the primary reason why I am a community organizer. Why am I in Tatua Kenya doing what I do and not any other place? What draws me to Tatua? I began to think about the issue- what hurt me so much and made me so angry that I had to ACT. At the end of the day, when you ask people to do this or do that, it all boils down on the action. I came to a conclusion. It’s not just because I wanted to feel better about doing some good in society but because despite the existence of so many charities and philanthropists/ well wishers there is still so much that needs to be done by all of us to create real impact. I was curious about how to create real impact instead of short-term charity Continue reading “LETS DO OUR LITTLE BIT OF GOOD WHERE WE ARE: We owe it to humanity”