Gabriel Odhiambo(Gabby) is a fellow with Tatua Kenya from Mukuru kwa Njenga  running a campaign on child labor and Education. In his community children engage in manual labor at a very tender age at the expense of their education. Their parents also seems to be comfortable with that worrying trend due to the economic hardships of life, this being the primary reason for allowing their children to find work instead of going to school.What Gabby wonders is whether the parents are aware of the consequences of this action. For the last two months, the 2014 Tatua Kenya fellows have been conducting listening projects Continue reading “UPDATE: COMMUNITIES LEADING SOCIAL CHANGE”Letting Children be Children””

A Community of Support

Recently, one of our leadership team members, Moses Tianda, lost his dad. It was amazing how the entire team responded to it.  The news was passed around the group quickly. I can’t remember the number of times I got that news myself from different members of the team.

Our team meeting corresponded to the burial day, but  the team unanimously decided to postpone the meeting so that we would all attend the burial. On the burial day we all showed up and those who couldn’t called Moses to support him during this time.

It was hard to believe that before we got into this community these people did not know each other. I stood aside and appreciated how far we had come as a team and this gave me strength to soldier on because this work is hard, but I look at how far we have come and what we have achieved already.

-Jacob Okumu, Community Organizer Ngong