Once a year, the Tatua Fellowship program opens applications to find leaders that are tired of short-term fixes to poverty. This fellowship program not only provides in depth learning of community organizing skills but also offers on ground coaching with experienced community organizers to ensure that you not only learn in class but can also practice it. Tatua Fellows will spend 6 months creating a community-run and lead initiative that engages the wisdom and skills of the community to address poverty, with their own resources. Are you a leader that steps up for sustainable change? Do you believe in the power of your community and want to better involve them? Then apply to be a Tatua fellow.

How to apply

To apply, you will need to fill out an online application form . In addition to basic details and contact information, you’ll need to answer essay questions and provide three references.

Closing date

15th of March 2015

Who should apply?

Tatua Kenya is all about diversity. We look for different applicants than many other leadership-oriented programs. Applicants should be open to new ideas and engaged in their work, have the ability to believe in their community’s power to create change and most importantly have the ability/interest to build capacity in others as well as create change.




“Walking with Tatua Kenya has been a trans-formative journey for me in my heart’s desires and also my mind. This is one of the best choices I ever made. Being a part of a team that is not only concerned about the success of its work or mine but my holistic well being.  Working with my colleagues who are now like family through the relationships we have built  in our reflections, has improved both social and other aspects of my life.

Tatua has been a companion through the learning and application of community organizing skills which has made me view mission and development work differently. To not only solve the challenge but to heal and bring the community together so that they can solve any challenges with the available local resources.

To simply choose to burn your candle in a land filled with darkness rather than a land filled with light.”

Rose – 2013  Tatua Kenya Fellow and Community Organizer.

Fellowship Bronchure

The truth about Community organizing

Being an organizer takes a keen awareness of where energy exists and moving on that energy. It means seeing how a community works, what resources it has, what its needs are and helping match already present resources to existing needs. It’s about helping people see that they already have the answers to the problems they want some one else to solve. It’s looking at the community with a different sense of eyes.

The job isn’t about me or you doing everything. It’s about the community doing everything or at least as much as we can do together. This isn’t always the easiest thing to ensure. People often want you to do everything (I often want to do everything) but if we (me or you) do everything it leaves a lot of time and a little responsibility on everyone else’s plate. The truth is, we ALL have something to give to this world. This is our home and the other people living here are our community members, our neighbors and it’s time we act like it.

We may be thousands of miles apart or living in drastically different place but deep down, we’re all in this together, that’s the truth. And, to see change, we’re going to need to start living by that truth.

Helping you realize that truth, helping me realize that truth, helping the global community realize that truth – that’s my job as a community organizer.