Nyumbani Village Visit

Out in a place called Kitui there is a village that is completely self-sustainable catering to orphans and elders living with or affected by HIV.  It is called Nyumbani Village.

Organizers exploring Nyumbani Village
Organizers exploring Nyumbani Village

Our community organizers took a trip out there to explore and research their method. The village opened in 2006 and designed to hold 1,000 orphans and 100 grandparents in 100 homes.  It was a great opportunity for our organizers to see a community working together towards one goal and to see how they accomplish it everyday.

Plus it got them outside of what they see everyday. They had a great time meeting new people and getting to know each other even better.

Here is what James and Tony had to say about that trip.

‘Nyumbani village is a place where you go in and do not want to come out.  It is a placefilled with the love that you will find at home. We saw that from the smiles on the kids faces and everyone else in Nyumbani. Whether you are white or black short or tall infected by HIV or affected by it, you are welcomed and accepted.’

-James Njoroge, Community Organizer

‘The Nyumbani Village is a great place, I really liked the Organic farmers club where they involve the neighbouring community on the projects of growing the kales on the farms offered by the Nyumbani village. I also liked the waste management system and how they use it as a resource from the population in the village. The setting of the clusters really builds unity in the five families and actually builds up the community setting. The Projects are managed by local individual, creating the ownership of the projects.’

-Tony Ngala, Community Organizer

Check out pictures from their trip here!