Tatua’s 2014 Global Gathering

Tatua Staff, Nyumba ya Tumaini boys and Trinity Team after a Training on Story.

Join Us

Tatua Kenya envisions a society where communities effectively lead social change. We build community driven movements throughout Africa by training civil and humanitarian leaders in a transformational community engagement model. Through Tatua’s Leadership communities have planted community gardens, improved access to education for children, negotiated fair schooling costs, started mentorship programs for orphaned children and enrolled over 3,500 Kenyan activists in programs that work to create justice.

We are increasingly aware of the need to build partnerships with other leaders in the international development field who desire an innovative and bold way of being present to the needs of the global community. The Global Gathering is a place for the global community to gather, build relationships and begin partnerships that promote justice and dignity in our world.

What To Expect

  • Learn core components of Tatua’s community engagement model through visits to current Tatua Kenya projects, attending workshops and participating in small group activities to gain understanding of community organizing, and other transformational practices.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how to transform relationships with in your work.
  • Attend focus groups to discuss specific program components (peace and reconciliation, education, government accountability, the arts in justice work).
  • Individual coaching sessions from Tatua Kenya staff to develop tangible action plans about how this model can be applied in your current or future work.
  • Relationship building and group fellowship activities led by participants and Tatua Kenya  Staff to deepen connections with others invested in this work.
  • Join a new vision for the future where communities effectively lead social change!


For more information contact: kenneth@tatuakenya.org