In Memoriam: Katherine Mcquade-Toig

What we have done for ourselves alone die with us; what we have done for others and the world remains…immortal.Tatua and the world have lost a great woman in the past week, beautiful both inside and out. Last year, a time like this, Tatua Kenya had the honour of hosting Katherine Mcquade-Toig. She began a blog to capture her experience. She wanted to run a campaign on health here in Kenya and had her heart out for the Community Health Workers (CHWs)in the slums. Here’s an excerpt from her blog, that challenges all of us to do better. Even in her passing on, she will continue to challenge us with the passion she had in creating a just world. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Katherine Mcquade-Toig”

Kajiado project  #letsorganize #realchange 

  This week Tatua helped launch a team of clergy, students and teachers in the Diocese of Kajiado to “Encourage, organize and mobilize the Kajiado church and community to pull together their resources to improve education and spiritual well bringing in Kajiado. kajiado The Diocese of Kajiado is a large Diocese that is just south of Nairobi. It stretches all the way to the Southern border of the country, where Kenya meets Tanzania. The Diocese is diverse, it is home to burgeoning urban cities and rural areas where the Maasai still live in the traditional manner, raising cattle and living nomadically. Over the last four years Tatua has been building a deep friendship with the Diocese, specifically with Bishop Gaddiel. Bishop Gaddiel is really an incredible man, committed to education, equality and partnership within the Anglican Communion. I’m very excited about this project we will be starting together.

The Diocese has recently invested in a school as many of their members struggle to provide education for their children. However, they have learned that the school itself can’t influence the community to value education. Bishop Gaddiel and his leadership team have decided to partner with Tatua to develop a program that cultivates the value of education throughout the Diocese.

Tatua will be coaching, training and supporting a team of priests and teachers at the Diocesan School in the organizing methodology so they can build community based movements across the Diocese that address local and Diocesan education needs. This project will develop the leadership skills of priests in the Diocese, improve education for people in Kajiado as well as build support for the Diocesan School.  

What excites you about the project in Kajiado and why? What does real change mean to you?