UPDATE: Matasia unites to improve its Children’s education.

Rose Chege a community organizer from Tatua Kenya , has continued to lead the Matasia community towards creating the change they want to see as regards the education of their children. As the Matasia community, they identified the challenge to be poor academic performance caused by lack of food for the children. Most of these people in Matasia are small scale farmers and upper lower class families earning at least a dollar per day. Years back, a feeding program was introduced by Government with support from WFP in the Arid and semi-arid areas (ASALS) and some schools in the slums of major towns in all Kenyan public primary schools. The Government could not sustain the program due to lack of funds; therefore, the program stopped and it was the responsibility of the parents to feed the children. However, this change has created Continue reading “UPDATE: Matasia unites to improve its Children’s education.”


Gabriel Odhiambo(Gabby) is a fellow with Tatua Kenya from Mukuru kwa Njenga  running a campaign on child labor and Education. In his community children engage in manual labor at a very tender age at the expense of their education. Their parents also seems to be comfortable with that worrying trend due to the economic hardships of life, this being the primary reason for allowing their children to find work instead of going to school.What Gabby wonders is whether the parents are aware of the consequences of this action. For the last two months, the 2014 Tatua Kenya fellows have been conducting listening projects Continue reading “UPDATE: COMMUNITIES LEADING SOCIAL CHANGE”Letting Children be Children””

Letter from Matasia (Hopeful and Inspired)

Hello Everyone,

This is Rose from Tatua Kenya, lead organizer in Matasia, I’m writing with an update about the garden project that the community has started to feed the children in Matasia as well as raise funds for education.

We are continuing to build the garden but are having a bit of trouble building it to the size we want as it come to our realization that the gardens are already being leased to people in the community. We are working on an agreement process that may require longer than the community initially thought. In the meantime the community is using another tactic( starting a feeding program in the school). It’s exciting to notice the motivation of the people to help the children. Raphael, one of the parents said, “”hatuwezi kaa nakungoja mpaka shamba zirudishwe shuleni,ndio tusuluhishe hili swala” “We can’t just sit and wait until the garden issue is to be resolved.”


Matasia parents
Rose speaking to Parents at Matasia primary school.

The Matasia community is starting a  feeding program that entails parents contributing about  20 Kenya shillings everyday,which is enough to feed 650 kids. We are developing  ways for the leaders to collect the money and account for it. As I look around this community I see many people putting effort to make this work easier from contribution of meeting space to time to attend different meetings. this might not seem like a big deal but usually people get paid to go to meetings for charity so it is a big change in our community.

The chairman of one of the neighborhoods told me recently, “If we had known about this earlier we could have solved a lot of challenges in this community.” He says this with a lot of pain, as for a long time he was the one who carried all the burdens of the area alone, which has been a frustrating experience. I receive stories like these, of inspiration and hope almost everyday in this community and I’m thankful to be working on this project to improve education for 1,000’s of children in the Ngong area.