Focus on Fellows: Grace Watiri Njunjiri

Singer-songwriter and burgeoning activist, Grace brings a palpable strength and enthusiasm to the Tatua family.

Grace, pictured at the Tatua offices in Hurlingham
Grace, pictured at the Tatua offices in Hurlingham

Having two younger sisters (aged 15 and 20), Grace has years of experience mentoring and encouraging other girls. However, she wants to reach higher. “I see a world in which girls are unafraid to hold their heads’ up high and accept themselves as they are,” she tells us. Grace hopes that by bringing teenage girls together, and giving them spaces in which they can speak openly and honestly about whatever challenges they are facing, she can create a network that builds strong and confident women.

“I struggled with my self-esteem growing up,” Grace admits, “I know that my own lack of confidence prevented me from pursuing a number of opportunities. I hope that by sharing my story, I can help young girls fight against the mental blocks that may be preventing them from achieving their full potential.”

Grace’s mentorship work is heavily informed by her art. As a songwriter, Grace draws great inspiration from not only her personal journey, but also from her ideals. She hopes to use her music as a vehicle for inspiration. “My music is an expression of myself,” she shares, “Through t I hope to share my passion for empowering girls. I also believe that, if I continue on this path, the girls that I work with will be inspired to pursue their own dreams.”

For now, Grace is focused on her community along Thika road, as well as recording two singles. While Grace has never formally pursued social work before, we have no doubt that she will carry this dream beyond even her wildest expectations. Be sure to keep an eye out for her first single!

Join us in supporting Grace and our other incredible fellows as they build power in their communities. Fill out this form for updates and information about how you can get involved.


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