RONA FOUNDATION  is a registered public benefit organization in Kenya that works to improve the welfare of widows, orphaned children and youth in Kenya. The plight of widows and orphans is a little known issue yet one that paints a dark picture as society is yet to fully accept widows and respect their rights to peaceful grieving for their loved ones including claim to their late spouse’s property inheritance. The foundation has programs in 47 counties supporting diverse sets of widow communities and children. Kenneth, the executive director at Tatua got to spend time with one  of the communities that Rona Foundation is dearly attached to, Wagoma, a poor quiet community at the shores of Lake Victoria. Taking a walk across the community, you only see deserted homes, just the sound of birds and only women carrying children by their backs from washing by the lake. Once in a while, you will see a group of young men by the lake getting ready for night to begin fishing activities. It is said that a large population is now young widowed women with 2 to 3 children having to take care of other widowed children in the community.

In spite of the gloom that lay in this community, Rona foundation saw hope and a renewal of life for this beautiful creation. They moved in and began to write a new story for this community with its own people – A story of new life and abundance.  Tatua Kenya supported the Rona Foundation on a 3 month community strategy design journey with coaching support. The strategy primarily involved how the initiative would engage and organize local leadership within the community to support some of the goals set for the coming year. Kenneth is proud to report , that Wagoma community launched a clinic and pharmacy centre in December, and now on the way to break ground for a green house, bakery and guest house. This is a real story of community transformation.

Kenneth at Wangoma
Kenneth at Wangoma

We’re excited to continue building partnerships and collaborations towards creating sustainable solutions to poverty in Kenya. Thank you for continuing to join in this work with us. What are other organizations you know that work with widows? What would be your message to the Rona foundation?


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