Misunderstood or not? Charity vs Justice


Through-out my time as a community organizer I realized that very few people know much of anything about community organizing. Whenever I introduce myself and my work, over 90% of the time, I expect the questions “What does that mean? What is that?”. Very few people understand the term. A while back, I shared about my work with an american friend, Craig. The minute I mentioned community organizing, he immediately referred to me as an Obama. That got me thinking, he is familiar with the term and goes an extra step of giving an example, maybe more people know about what I do than I thought. However, he still asked me the question, what really is community organizing? Well, I answer that question almost everyday.”Community organizing is all about creating sustainable justice based institutions and building local leadership that creates an opportunity for fractured communities to have a unified…

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2 thoughts on “Misunderstood or not? Charity vs Justice

  1. Dear Tatua, My name is Jean Greenough from St.Christopher’s Episcopal church in Chatham, Ma. We formerly had a relationship with Be the Change/Tatua through Natalie Finstead. We are so pleased that Natalie is pursuing her calling of becoming an Episcopal priest. Is there someone else in Kenya who is assuming Natalie’s role and who might like to maintain a connection to our Parish. If so, you can contact me through the above email address. Repeated here: pgreen1938@aol.com Sincerely, Jean

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    1. Hey Jean,
      Glad you reached out. We would love to maintain the connection with your parish. Kenneth Chomba is the current executive director at Tatua. I will be sending you an introductory email so that you may both take off from there. Nurturing these relationships makes all the difference.



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