Different people have a different understanding of what poverty is: lack of basic needs and necessities to survive, poverty of the mind- on grounds of how they think about themselves and lack of knowledge and understanding of what’s around them, living in the slum etc. All seem similar but quite different. On the other hand, the same applies to the solutions. How do we end poverty, make it history? Different approaches, strategies and ideas exist. The good news is, a significant number of people are really trying to create change and solutions to poverty. The bad news is, though some have succeeded, most have failed. Lasting change is a process and the answers are deeply rooted in those most affected. That is why building relationship[s and involving the communities we work in is important. Community Organizing! To end poverty, we must re-think it, ask difficult questions on why it exists and  be willing to work on the root causes . Natalie Finstad, co-founded of Tatua Kenya talks about community as the path to the future and as a way to developing sustainable and just solutions to poverty  on Natalie’s TEDex

How can we begin to examine the identities that we are assigning to people based on where they come from, their neighbourhoods etc?

How do we begin to engage in meaningful relationships with others?

Liz Njeri- Tatua Kenya community manager

Having the courage to take action- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a leader of  enormous stature.

“A society of justice where none would prey upon the weakness of others; a society of plenty where greed and poverty would be done away; a society of brotherhood where every man would respect the dignity and worth of human personality”, that was his dream for the world.

Though the world is far different because of Dr. King’s vision and the courage to take action so that it may become reality, we still march towards the road of accomplishing social justice. On this day, as we celebrate Dr. King’s life, let us also recommit ourselves to #MakingTheDreamTheReality

martin-luther-king-jr-day- doing for others

Share your thoughts with us using the hashtag #MakingTheDreamTheReality.

What is your dream for the world? How are you making it reality?

Support us in topping up USD 2726 for the Boresha Elimu(Improve Education) Campaign

As 2014 has ended, we want to say thank you for another incredible year. We’re so inspired by you, our amazing supporters who believe in the mission of Tatua and help us to be the change we want to see. Because of you, the “Boresha Elimu”(Improve Education) Campaign is possible. We are glad to let you know that this campaign was featured in the 2014 Leading change network global gathering that brought together organizers from around the world to learn more about campaigns from around the globe directly from the organizers, themselves  through reflection, discussion, and Q&A. This campaign is geared towards addressing  the poor academic performance in Enomatasia primary school as well as the poor relationship between the teachers and parents.

Before closing school for the holidays in November 2014, 90 parents  Continue reading “Support us in topping up USD 2726 for the Boresha Elimu(Improve Education) Campaign”