“This morning, I suddenly began to think about the primary reason why I am a community organizer. Why am I in Tatua Kenya doing what I do and not any other place? What draws me to Tatua? I began to think about the issue- what hurt me so much and made me so angry that I had to ACT. At the end of the day, when you ask people to do this or do that, it all boils down on the action. I came to a conclusion. It’s not just because I wanted to feel better about doing some good in society but because despite the existence of so many charities and philanthropists/ well wishers there is still so much that needs to be done by all of us to create real impact. I was curious about how to create real impact instead of short-term charity and wanted to play my part in making it happen. Building community and seeing it fast hand as a way to solving numerous every day challenges we face became the eureka moment for me.

Despite the diversities that exists in our individualisms: the rich and the poor, your race my race, big or small. We are community and there is so much power in being one that we better start acting like it. “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together”-Desmond Tutu. We must recognize that action by governments/ well wishers alone is insufficient for any sustainable impact. Beginning to act as a community begs us to create true partnerships between the governments, citizens and other actors, including the private sector. Only then do we live up to what we call humanity.”

Liz Njeri- Community Manager Tatua Kenya

What are you committing to the global community/ your neighbor/ humanity? What makes you angry enough to act? What is your hope for humanity?


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