UPDATE: Matasia unites to improve its Children’s education.

Rose Chege a community organizer from Tatua Kenya , has continued to lead the Matasia community towards creating the change they want to see as regards the education of their children. As the Matasia community, they identified the challenge to be poor academic performance caused by lack of food for the children. Most of these people in Matasia are small scale farmers and upper lower class families earning at least a dollar per day. Years back, a feeding program was introduced by Government with support from WFP in the Arid and semi-arid areas (ASALS) and some schools in the slums of major towns in all Kenyan public primary schools. The Government could not sustain the program due to lack of funds; therefore, the program stopped and it was the responsibility of the parents to feed the children. However, this change has created a misunderstanding between the teachers and parents( the teachers ask the parents to provide food but the parents still believe the government is supposed to provide it). There are two government primary schools in Matasia, Enomatasia and olesurutia each with a population of over 600 pupils. The academic performance in both schools is poor as  most children come to school on an empty belly which directly affects their concentration in studies. The relationship between the teachers and parents has been no different.

Jacob Okumu addressing parents in Matasia
Jacob Okumu addressing parents in Matasia

Having collectively witnessed this challenge, Rose brought the parents of Matasia together to form the “Boresha Elimu”(Improve Education) Campaign. This campaign is geared towards addressing these two inter-related challenges. Parents have also formed the “Boresha Elimu” subjects committee. It constitutes 3 parents per subject in all the 6 subjects offered in primary school, i.e Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Social studies, Christian Religious Education and Science. This committee will meet with the teachers and discuss the academic progress regularly.

This month, a meeting held in Enomatasia primary school  90 parents  stand up and say, “we have left all the work to the teachers, it’s time we own education in Matasia because it’s our children who suffer”. This regular meeting of parents and teachers is geared towards creating transformational relationships based on trust and mutual respect between the teachers and parents. Parents are pledging to donate 260 KG dry food stuff to feed the 634 children in Enomatasia Primary school.


Other Schools want to do it the Matasia way.

The Project Leadership Team plans the same magnitude of community to support Olesurutia and Kimara primary schools. This will involve forming of leadership teams in these 2 other schools. Jacob (Tatua’s Campaigns manager) received a call from Kimara primary school requesting for the same. Rose walks into Matasia with great joy as she remembers how this work began and sees how much impact it is creating.

These three schools have a population of over 2000 children.  Your support is enabling us to involve more people and impact more children…more than 800 above the initial aim of  1200 children. It has also created an opportunity for the Matasia community to come together as well as involve others interested in justice work in order to mobilize their resources and address their own challenges.


What excites you about what the parents in Matasia are doing and why? How would you like to be involved in creating this global change? Share this with friends and let’s celebrate this achievement together. You can also donate towards this project through https://www.globalgiving.org/donate/15122/tatua-kenya/ 


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