Traditionally, community development work has been left to institutions. The community members have resigned themselves as the beneficiaries and not as active players in projects addressing their own challenges. This has led to these institutions,  the government included, starting initiatives that are either not relevant to the community or sustainable. This is mainly because they are not owned by the communityTatua Kenya’s  fellowship program is creating an opportunity for community leaders to learn and apply community engagement methodology in their communities. The leaders through constant coaching by Tatua staff work with the community to create a structure that allows the community to create social change.

Dumpsite at Mukuru kwa Njenga's boundary with Mukuru kwa Reuben and Lunga Lunga slums
Dumpsite at Mukuru kwa Njenga’s boundary with Mukuru kwa Reuben and Lunga Lunga slums

Purity Muthoni is one of the fellows working in Mukuru Kwa Lunga Lunga. In her community provision of health care has primarily been the responsibility of the government which has built three hospitals. Despite the availability of these hospitals, the health challenges still exist; people still die from diseases than can be cured or prevented. Hospitals are deserted and slowly dilapidated.Purity is running a campaign in her community to get her community to start paying more attention to their health by practicing preventive measures such as TB patients adhering to their doctor’s directions and prescription, garbage disposal is done responsibly and the community own and constantly visit their local public hospital .

They also intend to partner with the local NGOs to get ambulance and medical supply services to these hospitals.Purity believes that  building transformational relationships founded on love and respect for human dignity is the glue needed for the project to be more sustainable and meaningful.

What are your thoughts on what Purity and her team is doing? What excites you about communities leading social change?


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