Over the years, aid has become a game of demand and supply – typical match for reacting  when disaster hits. The tradition has moved from governments and civic society organizations supplying help to people hit by hunger and disease to citizens recruiting resources within themselves to supply to disaster. The occurrence of disasters is more than the set mitigation in place to avoid them. It is time we begin to live in a way of life that builds and promotes the dignity of every human being by working inclusively towards actualization as opposed to the constant attitude of always staying on the sidelines. The ability to build communities of people committed to lead change within their environments is the shift of focus from reaction to response.

Ken teaching on community organizing
Ken teaching on community organizing

Aid and Mission should be about enabling rather than helping(fixing) and inclusion rather than seclusion. Mission should be a commitment for all to transform and change practices /believes meant to injure the dignity of the other. Asking everyone to be a leader from within. It should not  be viewed as just a service to the poor. If we embrace such change, people from all walks of life will embrace the intrinsic rather than the extrinsic values to guide collaborations. I am committed to creating this change through Tatua by recruiting and engaging more leaders across Africa to learn, develop and transform the same way I have been gifted to, over the last 5 years.

Kenneth Chomba- Tatua Kenya Co-founder

What are you doing to realize the change you want to see? What excites you about Ken’s thoughts on aid and mission?




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