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  This week Tatua helped launch a team of clergy, students and teachers in the Diocese of Kajiado to “Encourage, organize and mobilize the Kajiado church and community to pull together their resources to improve education and spiritual well bringing in Kajiado. kajiado The Diocese of Kajiado is a large Diocese that is just south of Nairobi. It stretches all the way to the Southern border of the country, where Kenya meets Tanzania. The Diocese is diverse, it is home to burgeoning urban cities and rural areas where the Maasai still live in the traditional manner, raising cattle and living nomadically. Over the last four years Tatua has been building a deep friendship with the Diocese, specifically with Bishop Gaddiel. Bishop Gaddiel is really an incredible man, committed to education, equality and partnership within the Anglican Communion. I’m very excited about this project we will be starting together.

The Diocese has recently invested in a school as many of their members struggle to provide education for their children. However, they have learned that the school itself can’t influence the community to value education. Bishop Gaddiel and his leadership team have decided to partner with Tatua to develop a program that cultivates the value of education throughout the Diocese.

Tatua will be coaching, training and supporting a team of priests and teachers at the Diocesan School in the organizing methodology so they can build community based movements across the Diocese that address local and Diocesan education needs. This project will develop the leadership skills of priests in the Diocese, improve education for people in Kajiado as well as build support for the Diocesan School.  

What excites you about the project in Kajiado and why? What does real change mean to you? 

Everybody has the capacity for good

We are not here to compete with one another but to complete one another“.When I think about this sentence, it draws me back to Tatua’s values, community to be precise. The staff at Tatua reflected on the subject and thus will be sharing their thoughts in the next few weeks.

Tony community mapping
Tony facilitating a community mapping exercise with his community leadership team

I look at the community as the building blocks of the world, just as the cell is the fundamental unit of an organism. Apart from it been a group of people governed by same norms, I believe it goes beyond that, to how we relate to each other. I must admit that our communities have everything it takes to make this world a better place. We have the skills, knowhow and power to turn this world around. All we  need is to simply speak in one language and understand each other. It saddens me to admit that our communities view each other as potential threats, we do not want to work together. Every day we lose our value, intrinsic value. I want to thank Tatua Kenya for enabling to see and appreciate everybody in the world. Everybody has the capacity for good, and through our campaigns in the community people get to work together . We believe we need relationships for change.

                               Tony Ngala (Lead community organizer- Kanyerere)

What values does your community believe in and why? What community are you a part of?


Letter from Matasia (Hopeful and Inspired)

Hello Everyone,

This is Rose from Tatua Kenya, lead organizer in Matasia, I’m writing with an update about the garden project that the community has started to feed the children in Matasia as well as raise funds for education.

We are continuing to build the garden but are having a bit of trouble building it to the size we want as it come to our realization that the gardens are already being leased to people in the community. We are working on an agreement process that may require longer than the community initially thought. In the meantime the community is using another tactic( starting a feeding program in the school). It’s exciting to notice the motivation of the people to help the children. Raphael, one of the parents said, “”hatuwezi kaa nakungoja mpaka shamba zirudishwe shuleni,ndio tusuluhishe hili swala” “We can’t just sit and wait until the garden issue is to be resolved.”


Matasia parents
Rose speaking to Parents at Matasia primary school.

The Matasia community is starting a  feeding program that entails parents contributing about  20 Kenya shillings everyday,which is enough to feed 650 kids. We are developing  ways for the leaders to collect the money and account for it. As I look around this community I see many people putting effort to make this work easier from contribution of meeting space to time to attend different meetings. this might not seem like a big deal but usually people get paid to go to meetings for charity so it is a big change in our community.

The chairman of one of the neighborhoods told me recently, “If we had known about this earlier we could have solved a lot of challenges in this community.” He says this with a lot of pain, as for a long time he was the one who carried all the burdens of the area alone, which has been a frustrating experience. I receive stories like these, of inspiration and hope almost everyday in this community and I’m thankful to be working on this project to improve education for 1,000’s of children in the Ngong area.

Tatua’s 2014 Global Gathering

Tatua Staff, Nyumba ya Tumaini boys and Trinity Team after a Training on Story.

Join Us

Tatua Kenya envisions a society where communities effectively lead social change. We build community driven movements throughout Africa by training civil and humanitarian leaders in a transformational community engagement model. Through Tatua’s Leadership communities have planted community gardens, improved access to education for children, negotiated fair schooling costs, started mentorship programs for orphaned children and enrolled over 3,500 Kenyan activists in programs that work to create justice.

We are increasingly aware of the need to build partnerships with other leaders in the international development field who desire an innovative and bold way of being present to the needs of the global community. The Global Gathering is a place for the global community to gather, build relationships and begin partnerships that promote justice and dignity in our world.

What To Expect

  • Learn core components of Tatua’s community engagement model through visits to current Tatua Kenya projects, attending workshops and participating in small group activities to gain understanding of community organizing, and other transformational practices.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how to transform relationships with in your work.
  • Attend focus groups to discuss specific program components (peace and reconciliation, education, government accountability, the arts in justice work).
  • Individual coaching sessions from Tatua Kenya staff to develop tangible action plans about how this model can be applied in your current or future work.
  • Relationship building and group fellowship activities led by participants and Tatua Kenya  Staff to deepen connections with others invested in this work.
  • Join a new vision for the future where communities effectively lead social change!


For more information contact: kenneth@tatuakenya.org