Paradigm shift:From Scarcity to Abundance.

Community is defined by the dignity accorded to every member. Dignity is in the way we communicate and respond to the environment around us which primarily affects the people within. I want to be part of a community that understands the need to support my journey to self identity, community that builds a home and safety around me through certain shared commitments and one that seeks justice in the environs of human existence.

All this things are challenged in our society because of the “scarcity” mentality.


Every individual wants to accumulate “success” in the terms of money for power as a way of guarding safety. However, we forget that our actions have continually caused the imbalance thus the unequal distribution of resources across the globe causing so much pain and hatred. We can only respond purposefully to these challenges as opposed to the traditional “fixing” of poverty.

Tatua Kenya has me see how much there is in the world to share – enough for everyone to co – exist in the community. In the last three years, I have further looked away from scarcity to abundance, where people can establish communities founded on mutual trust, accountability and commitment and take care of each other.

Kenneth  Chomba- Tatua Kenya Co-founder.

What does success mean to you? What is your idea about the world in form of a glass, half empty or half full? Why?


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