Intrinsic “unlimited value”

At Tatua the value for human dignity and intrinsic value is very important to us for the specific reason that we are all born with different abilities. Everyone is important and of value. James reminded me of this value on his reflection on community.

When i hear of the word community I think of people who have come together and have a set of agreed norms or guidelines on how they will all commit to live by. They also hold each other accountable.

james painting
James preparing to re-paint the gate at Nyumba ya Tumaini childrens home.

My vision of the kind of a community I want to be a part of is one where  people are treated equally and  justice is at the core of its values .

In my  the community most of the values I would want to see lived into, have all been broken. One that causes me hurt involves the way people are treated   due to the colour of their skin or where they come from instead of who they are in the inside. This as a result causes injustices in form of corruption and all kinds of evil.

James Njoroge, Tatua Kenya community organizer.

What values in your community are threatened and why? When have you felt not valued for who you are in the inside?


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