Everybody has the capacity for good

We are not here to compete with one another but to complete one another“.When I think about this sentence, it draws me back to Tatua’s values, community to be precise. The staff at Tatua reflected on the subject and thus will be sharing their thoughts in the next few weeks.

Tony community mapping
Tony facilitating a community mapping exercise with his community leadership team

I look at the community as the building blocks of the world, just as the cell is the fundamental unit of an organism. Apart from it been a group of people governed by same norms, I believe it goes beyond that, to how we relate to each other. I must admit that our communities have everything it takes to make this world a better place. We have the skills, knowhow and power to turn this world around. All we  need is to simply speak in one language and understand each other. It saddens me to admit that our communities view each other as potential threats, we do not want to work together. Every day we lose our value, intrinsic value. I want to thank Tatua Kenya for enabling to see and appreciate everybody in the world. Everybody has the capacity for good, and through our campaigns in the community people get to work together . We believe we need relationships for change.

                               Tony Ngala (Lead community organizer- Kanyerere)

What values does your community believe in and why? What community are you a part of?



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