Every day I see my work and the future with more clarity

Tony (front) with other Tatua staff at a visit to Nyumbani Village-Kitui

I find working in the community exciting because you interact with such a diverse people. What gives me hope in my work is seeing the people in the community willingly helping and been a part of the Kanyerere campaign. I had conversation with some of the leaders of the campaign and for the first time they all appreciate that as interesting as community organizing, it is new to them. It has taken us so many meetings to identify the problem. We now know what our root cause is. Some parents are not responsible enough. As they put so much effort to fend for their families, the forget some of the other aspects of been a good parent. Taking care of their children. In order to solve this challenge, we have come up with a ‘parents watch group’. These parents will meet once a month, donate money, stationary, uniform, school bags, shoes and desks, all towards taking 50 children back to school in an year. The parents will also begin to develop a relationship with their children through school follow up with teachers, and well being with their children through daily 1:1 conversations. We believe if we got parents to sign up to this dynamic group, we would have a community with responsible parents. A community geared towards bringing up responsible children and generation.



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