James Njoroge & David Oyaga- Reflections of Transition( Money matters?)

The month of April has been a time for us at Tatua to reflect upon the transition process that we began in January of this year.We continue to share thoughts from the Tatua staff and today James and David talk about  what the transition has meant to them .

James Njoroge leading the team on an energizer during a training for trainers

James Njoroge:

“While growing up, it has always been a tradition amongst my parents and friends not to talk about money issues. How much money they earn? How much money they need? How much money they have saved in their bank accounts?. I never understood the reason behind it. This affected me growing up to the extent that I also did not feel comfortable answering these questions.

During the transition process, it was different. We began a conversation about money and finances. How much should we earn? What would be the limits for the lowest and highest salary? This was a very challenging conversation for me and the rest of the staff but we agreed to talk about  it. We want to be able to transform other organizations, our community and the world. We agreed it had to start with us and I was glad we got through it. It was a big step for the organization but also for me as an individual.”

David Oyaga

“Talking about money is one of the most difficult topics to talk about in an organization especially if the employee is supposed to determine his/her own salary. An employee having the power to make such a decision is close to impossible in the corporate world, but in real sense very possible. In Tatua this hard task has become reality by engaging the employees in making salary decisions.  Making sure that everyone agrees with the decisions made,down to the numbers. I am really happy to be a part of an organization that turns the close to impossible reality.”

What is status quo in the corporate world that you would want to see change? What comes through your mind when you think about determining your own salary?




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