Reflections on Transition – Antony Ngala

Antony Ngala shared his thoughts on the transition and money as related to our work at Tatua Kenya from his perspective.He had quite a different way at looking at money issues. Read, comment, share. What are your thoughts on money in relation to changing the world?

Antony Ngala taking his leadership team through strategy during a leadership training in 2013.


“Through talking about money during the transition has drawn me to look at it on a different point of view. It is just a tool to facilitate our lives and view our work as an offering. Everyday to offer the world justice, everyday to offer an individual hope for a better tomorrow if we came together.

This work we call an offering means so much that we cannot put it on the same scale with money, it is bigger than us. Tatua Kenya questioning whether or not we are living into our values in making decisions to do with money has been evident that money is not the bottom line.”



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