Reflections on Transition – Rose Chege

One of the sessions we had during the transition process was on finance,to be more specific,salaries.It is not an easy conversation to have in any organisation,as an entire staff.Rose Chege continues to tell us more on the transition and share her thoughts on money.


Rose Chege after a Tatua Training in 2013.

A lot  runs in our minds when topics on finances are aired,discussed,decided on,implemented etc.The question that runs through  our mind majority of the time,”how is this affecting me?”.Every person who earns a lot of income is regarded as the rich,while with the lowest being the poor.But,can we live in the middle and what does it mean for us as an organisation?

We asked ourselves these very questions,though not having clear answers,one thing was clear to us.”If we want to change the world,it has to start with us”.That caught my attention.Making money is not hard in itself.What is hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting ones life to.




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