Reflection on Transition- Jacob Okumu

The reflection series on the transition process that Tatua Kenya is undergoing continues with thoughts from Jacob Okumu.

Jacob okumu with Pascal during  one of the transition sessions.

It is so easy to fall for the lure of comfort brought about by routine.We all like to do what we know best and are experienced in,its human.Routine makes change daunting and uncomfortable,even for Tatua. I thought our program was great and needed no change.We had a great idea of how things were supposed to flow, knew so well what was supposed to happen. One event after the other and by who.Little did we imagine that there could be something bigger than what we were set to do. So when the transition process began, there was fear as expected.

Every attempt to think about it only raised more questions than answers.’Why now? whats likely to change? what has triggered this transition? what does this mean for the work already running?what does this mean for us?.I have however witnessed immense strength and the extra-ordinary abilities in our team more than ever . We are willing to let go of our comforts and throw ourselves into the mud to figure things out together. Courage and commitment towards the process is clearly seen when our values are tested. I am sure we,as a team,organization and as the Tatua community,we are ready to influence our communities in a positive way.

One thought on “Reflection on Transition- Jacob Okumu

  1. My name is Christine Wambui Maina, a graduate from Catholic University of Eastern Africa. I was very impressed to read and hear about your tremendous change that you are bringing into the lives of orphan and vulnerable children and helping communities find lasting solution to lift themselves from poverty. Am passionate in addressing and assisting orphan and vulnerable children overcome their challenges and helping communities rise themselves out of the sting of poverty and would really like to to be part of the transformative change that you are bringing. How do i get in touch with you. Kindly, provide me with directions to BTCKE so that i can visit and get in touch with you. thank you in advance. Christine.


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