Reflections on Transition – Kenneth Chomba

In early January, the Tatua team realized that our work had moved away from being community based and was becoming much more institutionalized than we intended.  As a result, we decided to enter into a three-month process  led by the executive staff to reaffirm our vision and mission as well as re-affirm our values. We have done this as an entire staff 100% of the time, which is not a common way of doing things in an organization.  This also included discussing Natalie and Sarah’s upcoming departures, coming-up with a new organizational structure,  deciding on staff roles and salaries as a team. I asked the Tatua team to give their thoughts on the process and what it has meant to them.

Our first reflection comes from Kenneth Chomba

I closed the year 2013 with a good plan and expectation of what would become of 2014. I had a good appraisal from 2013 that raised my salary for 2014, and added new job responsibilities. I began to make plans for 2014 with lots of excitement. One day Natalie came in with a concern about how the organization was growing and challenging the path we had chosen to expand.  It would challenge our organization structure, design of programs and inevitably my expected pay check. I received it with a lot of fear and became so defensive. I was not even sure of staying in an organization that would support these possible changes.  Instead of leaving, I chose to open my heart to this uncertainty.  I have experienced the warmth and company of the Tatua staff all through the time.  e have approached these situations together, we have had sessions of expressing our frustration to each other and those have helped in facing this hidden fears and go through a process that has shaped my leadership and relationship to the world tremendously.  It’s hard to express with words what it feels to come out of this process  victorious. 


Kenneth Chomba with Natalie after a leadership training in 2013.
Kenneth Chomba with Natalie after a leadership training in 2013.


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