Introducing our new weekly columnist: Liz Njeri!

 Liz Njeri, is a community organizer who has been working with Tatua Kenya since its inception. Liz will be reporting to us about community views in Kenya, local challenges, local success stories, and local stories of change! Ask about community work in Kenya, and Liz will find the answers! Here’s her introduction:


 (Liz in action at a community forum)

Dear Readers,

Like many of you, I consider certain traditions to have so much meaning and significance in our lives that we hope time never surpasses them. Some of these traditions, we found already in practice and carried them on. Others we became pioneers of, with the hope that those born after us also carry them on.

As a community organizer, building relationships in communities based on trust, respect for human dignity and shared values has become my tradition. It is so significant to me that I not only hope it is forever carried on but also willing to do all I can to ensure its continuity. I would like you to consider this blog as an invitation to share in my experiences and those of others in this work as you also help create new traditions through your questions and feedback. My hope is that we can build yet another community here that is not afraid to express and share their thoughts nor participate and get involved in the revolution of change.

I will write to you from the local view in Kenya as regards to building strong communities, and answering key questions about community participation in Kenya, as well as views from the community on development. If you have ever wondered how to find out about the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) meetings in your local area or what local communities in Kenya really think of the AID work, ask here, and I will find the answers. Send me on assignment to answer your questions or curiosities about community work here in Kenya.

How we begin is always a significant part of any process. It is for this reason that I decided to do this introductory in the form of a letter. It is a tradition I choose to keep in exceptional moments and this happens to be one of those moments. Just as I would most probably conclude in any other letter, hope to hear from you soon. Share your thoughts as I also share mine with you.

PS: It’s not just about building relationships, but also sustaining them.

Yours truly,

Liz Njeri