Apply Now – 2014 Tatua Kenya Fellowship

Tired of short-term fixes to poverty? Want to make a lasting change in your community?

Join Tatua! We’re creating “big picture” solutions and changing the face of poverty – forever. Instead of administering handouts to individuals Tatua Fellows spend 18 months creating a community-run and lead initiative that engages the wisdom and skills of the community to address poverty, with their own resources.

Fellows learn awesome skills, how to: engage your community, listen deeply, share your story, build relationships, form teams, take action … andmore. Then they use those skills to develop the leadership, structures and projects that impact an entire community. 

Tatua gets that poverty is complex, that’s why we’re working with you – some one who understands yourcommunity – to create a project that engages your neighbors and looks long-term. We don’t just want change today, we want change for tomorrow. Join us as we build a stronger Kenya. 

Applications Due 14 February at 5:00pm – so Apply NOW! 

Information Packet:  

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