We Listen to the Communities Children: Vote for us, help us win $100,000

Our Fellows, Liz and David, met with children in the community who have been supported by their community campaign, and got their view on challenges in the community:

The amazing thing about these children is that not only can they identify the challenges and speak about them but they offer solutions and suggestions to them. They wanted a public primary school built in Ngando, as well as parents educated on children rights. All of this got us to thinking. As much as we have the community helping get kids back to school. Kids do have the ultimate power, after resources are available for them to be in school. They still are the ones that decide whether to go to school or not. We want to factor in coming up with kid bunges/parliament in Ngando. A place where kids can air their grievances and plights as well as have the opportunity to join the rest of the community in creating sustainable change. We are encouraged by the impact of our work, and ready for what lies ahead.

Support the training of more Fellows like Liz and David in an easy way! Go onto this site and say ‘I agree’, if we get the most votes, we are in the running to win $100,000 USD:


Happy holidays from the Tatua Family!


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