Reflection :: Interdependence Meets Independence

Tony Ngala, Tatua Community Organising Fellow in Madika, reflects on the relationship between independence and interdependence. Tony is leading a campaign in Madika to get parents to take responsibility for their kids going to school.  

I can not do it on my own, I need you.

It’s funny how that statement brings up the value of a person’s unique contribution, like a puzzle of 1000 pieces, each of our pieces is important to complete the big picture. Your time is also a key ingredient, you need to be there. we are interdependent.

On the other hand, this idea about showing up is core to ending an unhealthy dependency on others. I believe we all have the resources and capacity to change our own lives. We are independent.

The truth is, we each the resources to address challenges facing our children,  we can all do something. In fact, we can do more if we do this together. What do you want to change? What do we want to change?


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