VOTE! Natalie’s Respect earns Nomination for NOI’s Most Valuable Organiser in 2013

Kenneth Chomba, Tatua Kenya Co-Founder and Field Manager, nominated Natalie for NOI’s Most Valuable Organiser. Read what Ken has to say about Natalie below and then vote for for her work with Tatua by clicking on the link and “liking” the page.


Natalie watching the Ngong Team lead a launch event.

How the nominee exhibited respect
Natalie developed weekly reflection sessions for the organization staff (13 staff members) and this is usually used as space for reflecting on our work. One month ago, James one of the organizers was asked to reflect on how he has seen himself holding/taking responsibility for the success of other people and how he handles it. I remember James swallowing his voice, his voice slowly fading and i couldn’t tell what was happening. James broke down and spoke painfully on how he was having a hard time with his family. He was carrying the burden of helping out everyone and no one was coming to take care of him. They assumed he was strong since he helped everyone else figure out their problems. The rest of the staff at the reflection session gave a silence. They gave him time to reflect with himself. It was a sort of healing process for him. No one counseled him as usually will happen in many settings but we choose to let it go in his honour and some one would talk to him through it without set up. I now feel that everyone respects that space and i am able to share more personal challenges that am going through because no one will judge me.


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