Reflect :: A Growing Organization

Sarah Welch, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tatua Kenya reflects on how the organisation has grown over the last two years.

Watching an organization grow internally is like watching a child grow up. Every year, new things appear, and learning happens at an even more rapid pace with every month. Our planning process last year began in November with our annual board retreat, the main focus being going through the line item budget and figuring out how to cut it down by half. This year, in October, we already have proposals for our 2014 focus areas, budget, income plan, measurement system!

However, the greatest growth I see in our organization is the ability to include more and more of our staff into this planning process. Initially, Natalie and I sat in my parents dining room, in California!, building a vision from our heads. Then we moved here and for many months Natalie, Ken and I met in a variety of cafes and apartments planning together. This year, we meet in our own office space in teams of 5 to plan the different aspects of the organizations focus, involving our full and growing 12 person staff.

I can feel the ground beneath our feet settling deeper and deeper. I can feel myself let go, relax and trust that together we will find the right way. I can only imagine what next year will bring!

Sarah leads a team meeting to develop strong tools to measure Tatua’s work.


Watch :: Story of Self

On the 18th of September Tatua Kenya hosted a training for COGRI alumni at Nyumbani Children’s Home. Tony Ngala, one of Tatua’s Community Organizers, demonstrated Story of Self. He talked about a time in his life where he chose to be a leader despite uncertainty.

To watch the video on Youtube follow this link or click the video below:

Quote Us :: It’s a Long Road

“Good development is a long road. It never gets easier just because you’ve taken a step ahead, the responsibilities and the ‘to-do’ list get longer because with every vicoty the big picture becomes even bigger.” Liz Njeri, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngando

Liz Njeri introduces the Ngando Leadership Team at a town meeting in Ngando.


Reflect :: Leaders Focus on Long-Term Goals

Rose Chege, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngong, reflects on a leadership team meeting.

In Ngong we have been facing a challenge in that the Leadership Team wants to act quickly to get resources donated from the government or other people to solve the problem of getting kids back into school. Jacob and I are trying to remind them about the larger goal. I felt successful at the latest team meeting when we talked about why we were doing this work.

The whole team has a clear picture of why we are running this campaign, not to improve education for 1,200 Kids but to do this keeping in mind that our long-term goal is to heal and bring the community together so that they can solve any problems with available resources that are around and within them.