Update :: Online Giving Competition for Tatua Kenya


Will you join us now by taking part in Tatua’s one day online giving competition?

Today we are raising money for our campaign in the Ngong Community. The Ngong Community Initiative will take 1,200 kids off the streets and back to school this year using local networks, government resources, and small local donations. In the past, students waited anxiously to see if their international scholarships were renewed – by building a local foundation 1,000’s of kids will have better chance of staying in school permanently.

I want to ask you to contribute to Tatua Kenya today. During this one day competition all donations will be matched by Global Giving AND the project that raises the most money gets an additional 1,000 USD towards their project. Your money creates local solutions that will continue to operate for years after Tatua’s initial input.

Thank You for Joining Us!

Donate Now: http://tinyurl.com/ggtatua


Rose Chege, Community Organizer for the Ngong Community Initiative



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