Reflect :: Responsibility for Self

James Njoroge, Tatua Community Organising Fellow in Rongai, reflects on how he’s learning about taking responsibility in his work.

Our campaign has faced challenges with people wanting money to take part in learning how to parent well. Recently I was talking to Mama Patrice about this challenge and she suggested that I look at it from my point of view, “Would I waint for some one to pay me so I can take care of my own kids?”

From there it was clear that getting paid should not be needed. This is an act of taking responsibility for self. Mama Patrice suggested that we put it like that with the community members who are asking for money. Would they want us, the community organizers, to wait for some one to come pay me so they can take care of my own kids.

Update :: Bulbul Community Hosts Kids Forum

Jacob Okumu, Community Organising Fellow with Tatua Kenya, shares about the growth of the Ngong Campaign to get 1200 kids in school consistently by July 2014.

Bulbul community dared to try a new thing in their community by holding kids forum to listening to them say why they don’t go to school consistently and productively.The leaders with the full knowledge of the sensitivity of forum gave their best and everything seemed to have been going well until when the news of it all spread through the densely populated community like bush fire and more than 209 parents showed up in the school compound to get clarification.

For a moment kids forum had to pause to allow parent to exchange a little before agreeing to meet again on Saturday to do more exchange.Eventually that agreement gave way for kids forum to take place successfully and everyone celebrated the days achievement with kids asking the leaders to make this kind of talks every Thursday.

Reflect :: Surviving Tragedy with Community

Rose Chege, Tatua Community Organizer in Ngong, shares about life after the Westgate tragedy.

It has been hard, just trying to grasp all that has been happening. The Westgate incident showed me that sometimes, it’s so hard to not know what really is happening, having 100 different stories from 100 different sources. I have decided to take each day at a time, because you really can never know exactly what will happen.

This has been much easier because of my partner Jacob. Jacob will call me occasionally to share his ideas and we can then float ideas and thoughts about things back and forth. This partnership was especially uplifting to me in this hard time.