Reflections on Kenya: Tamra Tucker

I was truly blessed to be apart of this mission trip. As I started my work with Natalie Finstad, with Trinity and began working with (the Diocese of Massachusetts), I saw things come together so well. Things started to make sense for me, why I was doing mission with certain churches, why I was with (the Diocese of Massachusetts), why I did mission at all … It all makes sense. And it changes how I look at everything.
 Tamra and other Trinity trip members with a group of Tatua Organisers.
We got back from Kenya on Monday, and as excited as I was to go, and I am so much more excited to come back, to share stories, to continue in my relationship with Tatua and the community organizers in Rongai, and the boys at Nyumba Ya Tumaini (House of Hope). I saw the kids at Trinity open their minds to a new kind of mission. Throughout the year, it was difficult to think mission would change for them. But as soon as we sat down with the boys at Tumaini, everything changed for them too. I can’t believe how much love, hope and power was in that group of young people. And that was the first day. Every single day and moment in those days increased my hope for the church and for the healing of the world. This is why I do mission. And this is how we do it.


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