“The responsibility of taking care of the children is on all of us. If we fail, the entire future generation fails with us.”

These were the words of Mama PK, a well known volunteer health worker in Ngong Central Region. She leads a cell group in Geshagi slum of Ngong community. Mama PK said these words at a meeting that brought all ten cell leaders together to inspire and encourage them in this work.

Without words like these and people like Mama PK this work would not be possible. We are very aware of that truth.

When your work feels impossible, where do you turn to find inspiration?

Make Meetings Exciting

Work in the field can get monotonous. Our organizers have found that meetings can turn into just another thing in the day for their team members to get through before getting to return home. In turn that leads to people being late or not participating in discussion.

How can we reframe the outlook on meetings?

‘Charming Chomba’ or Ken Chomba, the field manager, has been coaching our organizers on new ways to approach meetings. He has shown them that leading meetings is not just about recording the mistakes and taking disciplinary actions when people are consistently late or not participating, but it is more about taking care of each other and discussing challenges and finding solutions to them together.

How do you make meetings more exciting and productive?

Another Part of the Process

“Who would have thought that we would  go this far? We are getting even deeper into the community!”

Jimmy, a community member, said this during the cell alignment process. Seven cells were aligned according to where people live throughout Ngong. The reason for this alignment was to ensure that people don’t have to walk long distances when going for cell meetings.

This is just another part of the process that shows the community truly working together!



Who is a Leader?

Rose Chege

Being a leader has brought me to the level of realizing that it is not enough to give facts, predictions, or theory, but the willingness to listen and connect is the greatest weapon on ground.

I learned this after talking to Tabitha, a member of the community. She called and said “thank you for listening.”

-Rose Chege, Tatua Community Organizer

Rose Chege