Community Member Speaks Out

At a recently held Tatua forum Sarah Welch, Tatua Co-Founder, said, “child poverty goes beyond taking a child to school, it goes beyond books, uniforms and pens.”

This statement was echoed by Grace, the Director of Bounty Hotel in Ngong, who said,

“You see, the poverty we see today is as a result of our in actions as a community, we are no longer talking to our kids anymore about what’s acceptable and what is not. Instead we are busy making money or running around trying to make ends meet. Even our school subjects like home science and agriculture are no longer deemed important. We want lawyers and engineers, but how many makes it there? The majority of them end up marrying at a young age unprepared for the challenges ahead and what we call child poverty is the result. The solution is to go back to our roots and find ways of starting to talk to our children as we find a solution to the already existing problem”

Tatua organizers are working alongside their communities and get encouragement everyday by people like Grace who are willing to stand up and make the issues known.

What do you see as the challenges facing your community?


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