Harnessing Community Power

Yesterday I attended the first meeting with the Nkoroi leadership team called by the team coordinator, Beatrice Mwenda. It was exciting to see the team forming and taking responsibility and all I did was help with ideas as a member of the team and no longer the lead.

The team has already gotten 3 kids back to school in the previous week and has set precedence for work that will be happening in Nkoroi. The area ward representative came for the meeting from rumours he had heard about the team and was invited by the assistant chief. He assured us of his full support in our campaign to get 20 children back to school by November 2013.

This note keeps reminding me of the power I have seen in people coming together. It’s a culture I have seen of people getting together to fund raise for hospital bills, burials and even weddings. It has always worked for us. If only we can harness that spirit to finding solutions that hit communities as a whole, then we will have increased the confidence of communities to face challenges with the resources available.

-Ken Chomba, Co-Founder of Tatua Kenya and Lead Organizer in Nkoroi

Help Launch a Campaign in Ngong

Join us in helping launch the campaign in the Ngong Community! Watch this video of Julianna, an Ngong leadership team member who attended the training, to learn more about their initiative and why she believes in the Tatua model. After the video you can click here to donate online to the campaign.

Take Aways From the Training

We asked participants what they learned about community organizing and this is what people said…

“The essence of unveiling the power of the community in solving social issues. The power of public narrative as an effective tool of mobilization.” -James Kituzi

“The way to make things happen using the resources we have and achieve our goals.” -Jane Njeri

“Community organizing enables people to share ideas and come up with a concern that makes the community to identify its challenges and try to come up with solutions.” -Naomi K. Murigi

“Community organizing is a system of leadership where leaders working with people using available resources to expose power to bring desired change to the community.” -David Oyaga

“Coming together as a group will help our community understand the value of education and more children will be in school in our community.”

“Form of leadership that enables the community to turn its resources into power to make change.” -James Muoso

“There are resources available in the community which can be harnessed to affect change.” -Stephen Muturi

Those are just a few of the inspiring words from our participants. Each day we are encouraged by the work they are doing in their communities.


On May 31 and June 1 we held a large organizing training at our offices. It was a very successful weekend. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some pictures from that day. Enjoy!

Group ready to learn.
Group ready to learn.




Some strategy.
Some strategy.
Small group work.
Small group work.
Break time.
Break time.


Ken Chomba leading a session.
Ken Chomba leading a session.

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