I spent my morning at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Chatham, MA. It’s my third visit with this church and I have to say, they’re wonderful. Each time I go I stay with two members, Jean and Paul, and I’m beginning to feel like their daughter. I’m comfortable enough to open their fridge and dig for food late at night and to share about the ups and downs of my personal life. These sweet relationships, in which people support Tatua by opening up their hearts and homes are one of the most precious parts of being a missionary. I am able to see people love so fully and I am cared for in ways that remind me how much good is in this world.

This same love radiated through the church this morning as I shared about the work of Tatua. The sermon texts were focused on grace and the power it has in our lives. I took the opportunity to share about how when we face uncertainty we have an option to either try and take control or to rest in grace, the truth that we are held by something greater than us. I went on to describe how choosing the latter has transformed me and built Tatua up in ways I could never have imagined. I am blown away by what is happening in Kenya and I am so thankful to be apart of Tatua.

– Natalie Finstad, Co-Founder of Tatua

One thought on “Reflection

  1. Dear Natalie, How blessed am I to have a granddaughter with such an open and loving heart and the courage to follow its leading. Truly God is opening doors and blessing your work. I love you. Gram

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