‘Furaja’ – The Swahili Word for Joy or Happiness

Furaja not only means joy or happiness, it is also a children’s home located in Ngong Town. It was started by an amazing women named Moraa. Upon entering her home you will be greeted immediately by the smiling faces of 46 children and about 4 staff members. There are no words to describe the joy that truly radiates from Furaja. I could sit here and type Moraa’s story, but I would never be able to do it justice. Watch this video to hear her tell it herself.

At Tatua we believe in organizations like Furaja because they are working in their community to combat an issue. The issue of child poverty. They are coming together with others to find solutions to children living on the streets in Ngong. Everyone has an opportunity to join them by clicking here and donating on Global Giving to help launch the campaign in Ngong Town.

DONATE today!

One thought on “‘Furaja’ – The Swahili Word for Joy or Happiness

  1. Its spelt as Furaha… that’s the Swahili name for happiness but I support your campaign


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