A Personal Journey with Tatua

Just beng a normal girl in the village of Kware in Ongata Rongai, I did not know what direction my life would take after I cleared my high school. Joining an organization that worked on the ground already seemed like the perfect way to at least help my community.

During primary and high school I would go out into the communtiy to sensitize about HIV/AIDS. Every time I would go out into the community and distribute sanitary towels to the girls I was asked for more than I was offering, sometimes food or clothing and it killed me inside knowing I did not have the power to solve all of the problems.

Tatua has been my hope and my inspiration. I love my work in the Ngong community helping them see that they are the solution to their issues.

When I see Mr. Solomon or Pastor Florence volunteer to give bus fare for people who could not get themselves to the leader’s training, I am thrilled about what the community can do when they come together.

Tatua has made me the leader I am today. I can now talk in big forums and tell them confidently there is an answer to their problems when they come together. I have learned to embrace each challenge knowing that I have a solution. Being a leader in not just being that person that calls the shots, but enables others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty.

-Rose Chege, Community Organizer in Ngong


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